le 7ème continent - 'talking trash'

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..."an artificial world, in the midst of the ocean, accidentally created by men" ... 

Reports and images of floating garbage in the ocean, named “le 7ème continent” or “the great pacific garbage patch" called my attention, made me think and at the same time encouraged me to put this absurd reality into music. 

The goal of this musical project is to make this 'seventh continent' sing, hiss, whirr, buzz and scream. Creating a wall of sound and rhythm, from where colors, patterns, melodies, and improvisations arise. 

The sextet, which includes musicians from France, Germany, Austria, Spain, USA and Belgium, consists of two identical instrumented trios or three identical duos, with the exception of the double bass, which has the sub-contrabass flute as it's pendant.

Pascal Niggenkemper - double bass & composition

Julián Elvira (ES) - sub-contrabass & pronomos-flute

Joris Rühl (F) - clarinets & amplification

Joachim Badenhorst (B) - clarinets & amplification

Liz Kosack (USA) - clavichord, synth

Philip Zoubek (AU) - clavichord, synth

with the generous support for the clavichords by menucordion.com