beat the odds


|| beat the odds ||

transl. - braver les obstacles (FR)

es entgegen aller Wahrscheinlichkeit schaffen (DE)

Elisabeth Coudoux - cello

Ricardo Jacinto - cello 

Félicie Bazelaire - doublebass

Pascal Niggenkemper - doublebass

Music for two cellos and two contrabasses whose strings are hit by a lever (sort of propeller). The variable speed motor is controlled by a foot pedal.

Pulsating organisms (beats), sustained sounds (drones) and the personal musical language of each of the four musicians create a fascinating world of sound.

- ‘beat the odds’ was initiated during a residency at GMEA in Albi, France in early 2017. GMEA - Centre de Création Musicale d'Albi

-with the generous technical support by trinamic